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November 16, 2009


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i am very confused that you are dissing probably the best album of the year, DEFINATLY not the 2nd worst. What next, you’ll be saying the hockey album wasn’t very good.


Kasabian's third atrocity is DEFINITELY the second worst album I've heard this year (and I've heard alot). What is there to be confused about? Others may disagree, but they have cloth ears.



i though this was about popularity not personal views of insignificant people.You should not have included the five albums you hate in this it is unreasonable and as you see you have offend people!do you not think you should have apologies and not written that second comment?????
please think about this Steve!


it's a blog - it's all about personal opinion! I happen to think the first 20 albums are the best thing I've heard this year and those other five albums are absolutely terrible - other people may hate the work of Lily Allen or Passion Pit, they can write their own blog or vote in our albums of the year. If we all liked the same thing the world would be a truely terrible place (a bit like Tesco - they only like what's popular as well). But anyway, smile, it's just a bit of fun!

the camden crawler edvard

the twang, 'jewellery quarter' really did it for me this year. a combination of razor sharp lyrics and catchy hooks made mine and the lads' summer!
really looking forward to duffy's second album which should be high up on next years list.
edvard x


i think Wavves should be in there, somewhere arround no. 14. one my albums of the year so far.


Nice collection of albums. I am a music lover music always makes me crazy.West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum is my favourite.


Mostly great shouts, particularly #1 - agreed, it's never out the player.


glad you approve. It's a stunning album just gutted I keep missing them play live


a greater loss but has had the rock, lyrics miss his talent and infected us with a rage of others, wish you were his art and his talent here with us the man was alone on their own ..


All albums not bad but for me "Thriller" is the best.


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